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Professional Tutors has been offering its teaching services through online and offline mode for more than 15 years now and we admit that we have many satisfied parents and students who have recommended us for our unfailing dedication and devotion to our students. Our philosophy has always been to offer the students the best of the knowledge through best of the subject matter experts and in the best of the learning environment.

Our teachers have been head of departments in various schools, colleges and universities of repute and most of them have been examiners and assessors also for main UK exam and so understand the exam paper patterns. With this sea wide exposure, our tutors in Willenhall have been helping students enrich their subject knowledge and improve their grades in exam. We are also working with disadvantaged children and helping them improve their academics in UK and encourage them to do better, all thanks to our specialist teachers.

Our lessons are curated and created keeping in mind the individual needs of the student, they are student centric. They are made interactive and engaging to keep students interest alive all the time and better their focus and attention. Practical demonstration of the concepts helps in easy and quick understanding. Clearing the doubts is given special emphasis in both our online and offline classes.

Our online teaching process

Online teaching is not new to us. It was quite early around 10 years ago when we started and our high pass rate of students from grades A to C (levels 5 to 9) speak for our hard work and commitment to our students.

We have been offering range of subjects like Biology, Physicals, Chemistry, Maths, English across KS3, GCSEs and A level. We are also offering support for 11 Plus CEM entrance test. All our tutors in Willenhall are DBS compliant and together they account for more than 60 years of experience in teaching these subjects. Our teaching starts from as early to 1 year to 13 year old covering all primary and secondary age groups.

Our online classes are delivered through Zoom and Microsoft Team platform and we must say these platforms are very interactive and come with loads of features. They have interactive whiteboard, chat box, screen share, video and audio conferencing all of which online learning enriching, engaging and fun for students as well as teachers.

If you are looking to prepare your child for 11Plus from early on, our expert team at Professional Tutors in Willenhall can help your child to understand and master the subject and gain a competitive edge over their peers. In this age of cut throat competition it is so difficult to secure a seat in Medicine, veterinary, Pharmacy and engineering. However, our customised and student centric teaching strategy have been helping students in UK and across the world to perform better and excel in exams.

If you are convinced of our services or if some questions are still unanswered, catch up with us over phone or email, we would be happy to help.