Professional Tutors is a name to reckon with for their quality teaching methodologies, interactive and intelligently created content and not to forget experienced teachers. Our team comprises of heads of Departments from various schools, universities and colleges who have pooled in together their learning to offer quality education in UK and across the world.

Our team of online tutors in Birmingham deliver personalised online lessons that help students understand the concepts faster and they can focus on improving their grades and honing their exam skills. Online tutoring opens avenues of learning from anywhere and anytime. There are no restrictions of location, you receive all the content and guidance right in the comfort of your homes and that too from highly experienced teachers.

How we have embraced the technology?

We make use of Microsoft Teams and Zoom to deliver online lessons. The biggest use of using these platforms – whiteboards to make the sessions more interactive, chat box, video and audio conferencing and also you can download the learning resources in varied formats – PowerPoint, PDF and word. You do not miss the classroom for a moment.

We are working for you and your children by bringing together pool of talent who could help your child gain a good grasp over the subject and improve his or her exam grades. Our teachers are highly qualified and DBS checked. Examiners, moderators, assessors form a part of our team who help you out for the main UK board exam including Edexcel, AQA, WJEC and Cambridge. Online Tutors in Birmingham understand how exam boards work and how exam papers are set and so have devise successful strategies to improve grades.

The subjects and ages and levels we teach

Our qualified teachers deliver range of subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and English across KS3, GCSEs and A Level. They teach all primary and secondary school age groups from year 1 to year13. Our lessons are not just book and blackboards, our tutors in Birmingham have designed lessons in a way that they are interactive, interesting and engaging. They also involve practical demonstration so that the children master the subject and become independent thinkers and learners.

Our homework like the lessons involves a quality mix of various instructional tools like reading responses, controlled assessment preparation, interactive activities, and practice exam questions – all of which engage the child and develop their skills.

Why choose Professional Tutors?

Tutoring is a great way to positively improve your knowledge levels, grades, efficiency and confidence provided you get a good tutor who is dedicated to the cause. This is where we, Professional Tutors pitch in. Our qualified and enhanced DBS checked teachers have over 50 years of experience in teaching Physics, Chemistry, biology, Maths, English and 11 Plus. The teachers that we onboard all have current up-to-date DBS enhanced certificated; all of which ensure that your child will always be in a safe learning environment where he would learn the fun way and improve his exam skills and grades.

If you are a confused or concerned parent looking for a reliable and trustworthy Tutoring services for your child, look up to us without any doubts!