Our Team

Mr Millington

Head Of Biology, has taught biology since 1999 teaching GCSE and A level in a number of schools throughout his career. Prior to teaching he worked as a Scientist in the field of pathology. Mr Millington has a wealth of experience to offer.

Mr Singh

Has been Head of KS5 Physics for a number of years and has taught A level and GCSE physics since 2001. He has delivered many CPD sessions to science teachers over the years and prepared them to be able to deliver Physics curriculums to GCSEs and A levels pupils

Mr S Mohan

At present is the Head of KS 5 Science, teaching Chemistry to A level and GCSE for last 10 years. Mr Mohan’s department consistently achieve high grades and the department is the most successful in the borough out performing many schools.

Ms Helena Prosser

As a Passionate and Lively Secondary Science teacher of 16 years Helena has over 10 years of experience teaching A-Level Biology. During her time as a former head of science she has written and delivered AS and A2 Biology courses for many years, as well as developing an extensive range of resources to aid students access to the curriculum and to prepare them for the rigours of the examination room, with a 100% pass rate at both AS and A2. Helena believes in a holistic approach to teaching and knows that what works with one student may not be the best approach for another. Therefore she is a firm believer that to get the best out of her students she needs to use a whole range of strategies and activities, and as such she has been hailed as an outstanding practitioner by OFSTED and has been a Science advisor for Wolverhampton.

Ms Sheena Letford

At present, working as a Year coordinator in a secondary school and a student support academic mentor. She has been in this field for nine years and has enjoyed helping the students to achieve to their goals. Ms Letford also helps pupils to complete their UCAS personal statement applications. Ms Letford has a great deal of experience being an integrative counselor and career adviser, helping students holistically through mind body and soul.